Anyone developing on WSL2?

I’m using Windows 10 with WSL2 (Debian) and I’m unable to compile n8n for development.
Anyone using that platform?

Hey @twkrol!

Can you please share what errors you get?

Also, this post is similar to yours: N8n on WLS2 data return issues

Hi @harshil1712
thank you for your reply.

I’m trying to run local development version. So I:

  • clone repo
  • run
    lerna bootstrap --hoist

Then got massive error list, but I’m not able to diagnose.
If you would like, please take a look at the log file attached.


I think the problem is with node-sass. Did you try running npm rebuild node-sass? If that doesn’t work you can also try git clean -f -X -d && npm run bootstrap && npm run build from root n8n dir. This command will remove everything from the repo and build the project

Unfortunatelly, neither option helps :frowning:
Still the same errors.

What Node.js version do you use? If it is anything except v14 you should try with that one. Also important to use npm version 6 (version 7 messes stuff up at least on Linux very bad).

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Looks like the node.js version was the blocker!
I was using v16.x, now switched to v14.17.0 and it works!

btw: the npm version is 6.14.13


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Ah glad to hear that you got it working!

Have fun!