Apache reverse-Proxy + Keycloak

Hello, I spoke about SSE (Server Side Events) finally fixed, even when using a VPN.

Today I experience a new issue when putting Keycloak (+ldaps) in a reverse-proxy (RP) before n8n (I use the module mod_auth_openidc).

The reverse-proxy (3 instances in 3 vms) is behind a LVS (load-balancing) vm.

When I activate only one RP, all works fine, sessions are well handled by KC and n8n runs fine
If I activate one more RP (and here we may think about LVS), I get this error in n8n (which is not the same as with SSE) :

Maybe an idea of the cause ?

Setting up persistence in LVS fixed the issue.


Great to hear that you found a solution. And thanks a lot for sharing it with the community!