Apache Reverse proxy n8n V1.0.5

I may be over complicating this but we are trying to do a new install of n8n with a reverse proxy using apache. The issue im seeing is n8n 1.x is now using web sockets. By default n8n inly understands ws not wss so apache cant properly pass wss to ws without an error. I tried to load our cert into the variables and it works if using port 5678 and https but not via proxy. Am I over complicating things or is there a better way to have apache convert wss to ws?

Hey @bschnitker,

It sounds like you might be over complicating it, There isn’t really a need to change to wss but if you wanted to do that you would need to check the Apached documentation for it. Sadly as much as we would want to we can’t document every possible deployment option and keep them up to date.

I have taken a quick look and in theory you don’t need to direct from wss to ws if you include RewriteCond %(HTTP:Upgrade) websocket [NC] and have your normal rewrite rule it should just magically work it out.

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