API Provider asking for bubble.io static IP, someone say n8n can help

Hello everyone,
I came from bubble.io and right now facing one big problem when I need to connect my bubble app with payment and shipping services that require bubble.io static IP, yes bubble provides static IP but it’s on the dedicated plan that costs $3000+ /month which is too expensive for an early startup like me.
I read someone in Bubble mentioned they have the same problems and solved them using n8n services, I already contacted the guys but it looks like he is already off from Bubble.
I`m not a tech guy but what I understand is the shipping services provider needs me to give a static IP for the whitelist.
My question is, does n8n can help me to solve the problems?


Hi @Alvan_Zaputra, welcome to the community!

You can self-host n8n pretty much for free besides the hosting costs (Hetzner Cloud as an example charges €0.50 per month for a static IPv4). So if you deploy n8n on a server of yours with a static IP, you can have your Bubble app send data to n8n, and then have n8n contact your API (which is expecting the static IP of your n8n server):

This way, requests received by your data provider would always come from the same IP. You can find a guide to self-hosting n8n in our documentation at Self-hosting n8n | n8n Docs, but this will require some technical knowledge I am afraid. Not that you will not be able to use n8n cloud in this scenario as n8n cloud uses more than one IP.

I hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any questions on this :slight_smile:

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Hello @MutedJam
Thank you for your reply, that is what I actually need.
I just contacted your support team for the self-hosted price, but Im a little bit scared the invoice will be expensive since we are still an early startup even though Im working alone right now.


Ah, you can actually run n8n itself for free as long as you do so in line with our license: Faircode license | n8n Docs :slight_smile:

The only cost here would be the hosting cost. This is something you’d need to check with a provider of your choice. Hetzner (to stick with the example above) for example provides cloud servers (including a static IPv4) starting at €3.79. Digital Ocean would be in a similar price range, AWS would be more expensive. There’s plenty more hosting services out there and perhaps you’re already using one of them.

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