App on Nextcloud

The idea is:

On Nextcloud, apps can be installed by browsing the available apps, and these apps can be accessed by users with their own app data and configuration. If n8n can be provided as an app, then it will enable all users of Nextcloud to start using it with very low barrier of setup. Maybe we can leverage on user management system of Nextcloud and use the file storage space for storing the workflows.

My use case:

There is a Nextcloud instance and all the required users are already on the platform. To provide them n8n tool for creating their own workflows, it would be better if n8n can be added as an app. Each user can select any workflow (either as a template) they create to be public and other users should be able to access them in for their use.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Nextcloud has wide reach and many communities self-host their instances. It would be great to have a Nextcloud app, as it would make the barrier lowest for using n8n.

Any resources to support this?

Link to Nextcloud developer documentation

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes. I am a PHP Developer. I am learning to contribute to Nextcloud ecosystem.