Apparent bug in manually running workflow via UI

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I’m facing a recent problem (last 2 days), which is very explicit in the following video. Basically, I can no longer execute workflows manually, because when I click to execute, the data does not appear in the outputs of the nodes, and it keeps loading infinitely.
This ends up disturbing the construction of workflows, because ideally, with each new node added, we can test whether its logic makes sense.
The version we are using is 0.208.1.

Video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Sorry to hear that you have problems. Just to be sure I understand. That is not possible with any of your workflows, not even if you create a new workflow with just a Manual Trigger node?

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Seeme like this Persistent and reproduceable UI BUG that is bugging me a lot - Questions - n8n

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Hi Jan, thanks for the attention!
I have been facing in both cases. Some old workflows even show the green line between the nodes and the data, but it running indefinitely and when I try stop the message “Problem stopping execution -
Execution not found” comes up.
And in this video, I put these two nodes for testing and the behavior for new similar workflows is also the same.

@treyr It’s very similar!

It happens to me every time - just save the worklfow and refresh and start over

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