Apple Music: Is there any way to control?

I have seen there is a Spotify node. Is there ANY way to control Apple Music? There is a web player which unfortunately does not sync the controls to the native music app on macOS. There is a JS Framework too. Maybe through a third party app which takes a web hook are what ever and functioned as a bridge?

Just did a quick search and looks like they have an API. Sadly seems like you can just retrieve information. Either way, can you explain the workflow you have in mind? Thanks.

great thanks :grinning:

use case 1:
I have seen a workflow where someone stop the music (Spotify) and turn on the lights to get better viewed on a call with webcam.

use case 2:
Or now that a lot of use are in the home office it would be nice to give my family a visual reference (red light or what ever) if i am in a teams meeting.

use case 3:
maybe someone would like to track how long you listening to music during a day (apple music -> db or excel)

anyway, it would be nice to have the oportunity to interact with my favorit music streaming service.

thank you