Appreciation for n8n

Dear n8n team,

For a long time, I have been wanting to code, but I just could not set it as a priority and put the time and energy in it. Still dedicated to program (I’ve got quite a logical mind, so programming is fine), I tried my hand to ifttt and zapier. ifttt was too limiting, and zapier was too expensive (not scaleable).

I had my eyes on n8n for a while, installed it on my synology NAS as well as on my server - but I ran into too many problems (blame it to my lack of knowledge). Recently I picked up n8n again, but this time the cloud version. AMAZING!

There are just no limitations to what I can do - well done team! You are all very helpful, and built a wonderful product. Within two weeks I built an entire working app. I am very glad to have subscribed to a paid plan :slight_smile:

You’ll be seeing me around!

All best


Thanks a lot @bees8 for these kind words! Is always very amazing to hear when people get real value out of n8n and enjoy using it. Messages like this give all of us always a great push. So thanks a lot for taking the time to write and share it with us.

Regarding having problems running n8n yourself. Guess that is probably a combination of multiple factors. We are always trying our best to improve our documentation. We have for example a new guide about how to run n8n on Digital Ocean upcoming.
Apart from that has each deployment option (self-hosted, cloud, Desktop) its own advantages and disadvantages. Also is it not just the initial deployment that should be considered also the additional work it requires like authentication with services, backups, maintenance, version updates, … . So is definitely a good idea to think properly about which option is best for the own specific needs and experience. The good thing is that it is not an irreversible decision. If any of the requirements or factors change moving is normally possible between 15 min and a few hours.

Keep on having fun! Looking forward to seeing you around here!

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Great with the DigitalOcean doc.

I just want to say that running N8N via Cloudron is a huge joy. It just works and it also updates automatically and you get all the advantages of Cloudron with backups and such. There’s probably a host of other one-click install systems where it would be advantageous for N8N to be present (my feeling is that it’s a good investment to supply these systems with the necessary support to create the install packages).

Hey Jan!

I wouldn’t call them ‘problems’ that I had, just that you need a bit more technical knowledge to run your own n8n. Which is completely fine, at least you guys are offering the possibility! (dont see zapier or others doing that lol)

Also, I feel using n8n cloud removes a lot of pressure from me to maintain the environment, on top of that I’d like to think paying for n8n also helps the team develop it even further :slight_smile: (I hope this is indeed the case!)

Keep on going team!