ARM support

It would be great to have docker support for armv7hf and aarch64 since that would allow to run n8n on low power single board devices like a raspberry.

Thank you for your great work!

Welcome to the community @Paco!

I would love to. Sadly have literally no experience with raspberry or similar. So can for that reason not set it up. If you can create a pull-request with a new dockerfile that runs on such devices I would make sure that it gets automatically build each version.

you are right. It works on Raspberry !

Sorry do not understand. I am right with what?

It works with docker and raspberry. I have tried that.

Ah I never claimed it did :wink:

So it works without any changes?

No changes, when you use ubuntu server 18 lts for raspberry pi

That is great to hear!

Then have fun and enjoy your weekend!