Arranging workflows in folders

Hi Nik :wink:

For sure, I will clean out a bit my branch and open a PR on your public repo.



I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea what that means. but i’ll figure it out and do whatever I need to do.

Amazing stuff, Romain! Thanks so much for doing this — we’d really appreciate that PR :grinning:


The idea would be that we bring this to standard n8n so that you would not need to do any separate installation :crossed_fingers:


So hype. Let us know the PR name when you push! I would love to implement this in the ai-beta branch too.

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This functionality would be really nice.

Here you go: Workflows in folders by romainminaud · Pull Request #7502 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Definitely very WIP but the basis is here.

Beware this has impact on the database (adding a new table for the folders & a column on the workflow table to map it)


You are the man. This is awesome and should be merged imho.

FYI all we are currently aware of this contribution and assessing effort to get this merged into n8n. Nice one @romainmnd :clap:


Very nice that there is progress on the possibility of arranging workflows in folders.

It’s my biggest painpoint when working with n8n currently ^^

Pretty sure you could turn it into a chrome extension no ?

I tried myself but I am not a developper at all.

Our savior!

On a more serious note, this solves a need a lot of users have, thanks for pushing through this feature request

Why you close the branch?

A closed PR doesn’t mean the feature isn’t coming, We have a branch we are working from to bring this in.


Hello everyone,

After reviewing the PR, it’s become clear that integrating this feature into n8n will require more work than initially anticipated. This means, regrettably, I can’t provide a specific timeline right now for when folders will be available.

We fully recognize that this feature is a significant need for many of you, and we’re committed to addressing it. However, given our current team size and other ongoing priorities, it’s challenging to allocate the necessary resources immediately.

Please know that your feedback and needs are heard, and they play a crucial role in our development process. We’re actively exploring ways to make this feature a reality and will keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks again to @romainmnd for the fantastic effort in contributing a PR for the folders feature in n8n.



Thanks for the heads-up!

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we really require this feature, I hope we get this feature as soon as possible

Organizing workflows is just like organizing files and folder is very helpful for this.

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This is just a workaround, but it’s possible to filter for tags, sort the workflows, etc. Get your list how you want it, then open a workflow in a different tab. If I need another flow opened, back to the first tab and open that workflow. Bonus, if I want a different sort/view, I can build that in a different tab and have both views open.

This preserves the list we’ve painstakenly built, and let’s us edit.

I hope this helps someone.

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This will help a lot here, as I can’t efficiently organize workflows with tags.

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