Array of array Hubspot node execution issue

Hi Everyone!

I’m using Hubspot node to create/update contacts of our website also update last three months of activities of our end users.

I used to get the usage list from an api request node. Sometimes what happens is the request node returns more than 1000 records.

If I try to send 1000 records the Hubspot node returns error like maximum request limit exceeded for 10 seconds.Which means the Hubspot allow only 100 request for 10 seconds.

So, I have decided to create array chunks of 1000 records like 1000/50. So, I have array of array result with me.

Here is my question. Is there any best way to call the Hubspot node for every items from the chunks array?

Hi experts @Jon @MutedJam can anyone of you help us?

Hi Experts,

I have solved this issue by using Split in batch node and wait node.

Thank you.


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