Ask the Staff a question!

Hey Community!

Me and @alebatistella were talking to @sirdavidoff, providing feedback to him about n8n, and he suggested that we asked our questions to him here at the forum so everybody can see! :smile:

So here are a few of my own:

  1. Could you say to us an overview of which are the main priorities of development right now for n8n?
  2. How you guys oversee and prioritize features?
  3. How is the proccess of taking an idea from the community/coffee shop to the meeting room and getting a feature done?

Hi Bruno. Broadly speaking our dev priorities fall into (a) improving existing features and (b) adding new ones. You can get a rough idea of our roadmap by looking at the features mentioned in this post.

We prioritise features based on how useful we think they would be for everyone and how hard they are to implement. For example, ‘undo’ would be really useful for everyone but also not simple to implement, which is the only reason it hasn’t happened yet.

A big part of understanding how useful features would be is feedback from the community, which is why we have feature requests in this forum and also periodically survey users about what they see as the priorities.

Hope that helps!


The Datadog app is available?

Hi I’m wondering if I may be able to invite someone from the n8n staff to present in a project I am managing, which is about digitalization in civic society in Sweden.

Hi @Jonas_Bergvall! Can you DM me with some details and I’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:


Thanks, I would love to, if I only could find the DM function :slight_smile: Please email me at [email protected]