Asynchronous request send payload back , after ETL process

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For me n8n is a new product, for now i’m looking at it.

My question if you make a asynchronous request from a page. say you want to add 2 number to sum them up. The page send the 2 numbers to n8n the ETL does his job to add the numbers up. Now you have the result.

How can you send the sum back as a response to the page requester?

Is this possible? When i look at samples the input datasources are different then output datasources.

(for security you normal put a gateway/reverse proxy like fastapi between n8n and the page requester, but that is out of scope for my question)

Hi @janis

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I am not completely sure what you want to accomplish.

The webhook node can be used for n8n to receive requests. And there is a Webhook response node to have full control over what is being returned to the requester.
But it seems you want to have 2 separate requests and then use both requests to do some ETL?
I think you can use the wait node to receive a second request and combine them in your ETL. But not sure what you are trying to do and if this would suit your needs.

Hey @janis,

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A quick solution based on what you have described is below, This uses a webhook node and takes the query and returns them as JSON added together. This example uses then in the respond to webhook node we just tell it to respond using JSON and set it to {"result": {{Number($json["query"]["first"]) + Number($json["query"]["second"])}}} which is building our return data and doing the maths.

Hopefully this helps.

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