Attempting to deploy w/ docker-compose on Azure Container Instances

I’m following along with the deploy using docker-compose advice here:

I’m attempting to deploy this to Azure Container Instances (ACI). I have it all wired up and when I run docker compose up I get the following message:

ACI integration does not support labels in compose applications

Looking here, I can confirm this is unsupported:

It seems like the main usage of labels is to configure traefik settings, is there an alternative configuration method I could translate this to that would be supported?

It looks like I can use a File-based provider using a command line flag:, but if I do that, I wonder how I might inject that file into the image using docker compose?

You can find information about that here:

To keep it short, you should be able to mount it to /etc/traefik/traefik.toml and traefik can then find it. But generally will the people from Traefik or Azure be better equipped to help you with that problem as it is related to their technologies and not to n8n.