Authentication for Workflows

Any way to set up authentication on the server so you need permission to create workflows?

No sorry, that is sadly not possible. User-management is still something on my TODO list which I did not have time to work on yet.

Just putting this here since it hasn’t been mentioned. There is some documentation on setting up basic authentication here: Introduction | Docs

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@nittanygeek, my mistake. Understood you totally wrong. I thought you know about the basic security feature and you meant different access rights within the editor. Great however that you found it anyway even though I did mislead you so badly.

No worries. I am loving n8n so far. Keep up the awesome work. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Then I am relieved :wink:

I’m unsure how this has changed in the past few months, but perhaps additional documentation to the docker-compose docs would help. Perhaps Traefik could be integrated with something like keycloak (possibly overkill). Proper authentication I think is a big blocker to many people who would want to persuade others to use n8n for real-world use.

Regarding that nothing changed in the last months.

What kind of documentation do you expect there? Anything specific we should add? Because it is only an example configuration. All the options that get used should already be explained in the documentation itself:

Also KeyCloak would probably not give a much better experience. What n8n needs is proper user-management which we will add once we find time to implement it:

So totally agree with you that it is important.

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