Auto Loop not working to add observables in the thehive

Auto Loop not working to add observables in the Thehive , only first raw was add in Thehive and not add to all others rows, see attached image.
Please you support if i miss something

Hey @hasanm,

Can you complete the template we provide it will make things a lot quicker. The first thing I can see in your screenshot is you only have one input item and you are specifically telling the node to use only the first index in the obs array for the Data Type, Data and Message fields.

If I had to guess I would say maybe you are trying to use the obs data as your input items so the best bet would be to add an Item Lists node first then tell that to split out Obs and in the node for TheHive update the fields to use the new inputs and you should be sorted.

Thank You @Jon for your support.
Obs has 4 inputs, however I added item list and got other error. attached

best regards

when I add caseid as fixed number the Obs has inserted successfully, but when caseid be an expression the Obs failed

to add in case, please see images.

I appreciate your support.

Hey @hasanm,

That is likely to be because of how we do our looping internally, you will need to set the index for the item in the expression.

I noticed you sent me a DM to say you updated the post but you have still not completed the template which allows us to get an idea of your setup and see your workflow, we ask for this to help save time which allows us to help more people.

Solved , Thank you Jon for your support.

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