Autocomplete suggestions inside a node

Hi there!

I would like to propose suggestions in a text input.
For example:
this should suggest “cat, car…”

I visited a topic on n8n community (Autocomplete suggestions (Google, Amazon, Youtube, etc.)) but I don’t know at all how to do it inside a node.

Does anyone have ideas for my project, if it’s possible to realize?

Hi Asteda, thanks for the suggestion — I’ve changed your post to a feature request.

Where do you see the suggestions coming from?

I am creating a node for a traineeship project and we want to propose some words when the user is typing some letters. I don’t know how to do it, is there a way to execute some JS before executing the node ?

n8n provides a function async execute(this: IExecuteFunctions): Promise<INodeExecutionData[][]> {} to describe the behavior of the node during it’s executing. Maybe there is another function which could be executed as a loop when the user is editing this node ?

Hey @Asteda!

You can use the load method to do that. Here’s an example: n8n/Notion.node.ts at 6e68d71f4d35187bb6157172fb2e956bf0a10a81 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

In the above example, the values are fetched from an API, in your case you can enter the values manually. Let me know if this doesn’t help :slight_smile:

Yeah, but she wants to use it base on what the user is typing. That is sadly not possible.

I modified the HTML code of my n8n workflow to explain what I’m looking for :

In my example, the datalist in written by myself but I wish update it with JS (and probably using an API), depending on what the user typed. I hope it’s clear like this.

What does the load method do? When is it executed? I can’t find the explanation in the n8n docs :confused: