Automated Typeform Survey via form submissions

I am trying to automatically trigger a Typeform survey to automatically pop out and be generated after a user “requests early access/initial sign up”. Currently using Webflow as CMS -> Hubspot CRM -> Mailchimp Automation (via zaps).

Is there a better way?

Welcome to the community @simon.lab!

Honestly do not really understand what you are doing in general or how the Hubspot CRM and Mailchimp are involved and if they have to be. Can you please be a little bit more specific.

It sounds to me in the most simple form like you want to send out a link to a survey (then do no see why Hubspot, Mailchimp and even Typeform have to be involved at all)? Or do you want to auto generate a totally new one? What is happening in Hubspot and also in Mailchimp? Or are you using the later one simply for sending an email?

Thank you!