Automatic split Table data

Hello everyone, i have this data and my goal is to match this field in a new table like this:
So i should split the data and merge in the same row

let me know if it’s clear

Hey @Gabriele_Bracciali,

Can you share the json it will be a bit easier than typing it out :slight_smile:

so for example, i would like to split all the row in separated

Another example is:
to split all this info by row.

store location = iaoaoa
total = t

etc, to notice that all row have different number of datas

Hey @Gabriele_Bracciali,

It looks like you sent over a set node without any data, To save some time I typed out the data so we can get this one solved before the weekend.

The quickest option I could think of was to just write a quick javascript function to loop over the attribute names, It will need some cleaning up to handle other cases but the workflow below should be enough to get you started.

okay, yes it works

I would like to ask you another thing,

Always looking the image on top with the 3 columns “email” “attributyesname” “attributestoupload”
When this info are 1 is okey, but my problem is when there are more than 1 value inside.

I need to upload every single item for row.
I have the node for the uploading that takes only 1 parameters every upload, so, Store_location shoudl be upload with iaoaoa, total with t.
and that’s for the first row, the same should be done for al the others

Hey @Gabriele_Bracciali,

Do you have an example of that?

Perfect I will head over there instead :slight_smile:

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