Automatically load fields

Hello ! I was creating my custom node and was wondering if it was possible to dynamically load fields based on an operation.


  • I have a set of operations (functions)
  • For each operation I have different fields

From what I saw I have to manually map all my fields for each operation.

What I would like is to have all fields dynamically loaded from my server for a specific operation

For exemple having a route on my server that would dynamically define the fields for an operation
such as that would return a JSON object like so:

        displayName: 'Company website',
        name: 'domain',
        type: 'string',
        default: '',
        description: 'The company website of input',
        displayName: 'LinkedinUrl',
        name: 'linkedinUrl',
        type: 'string',
        default: '',
        description: 'The company linkedin url of input',

It would allow me to change my API on my side and be automatically updated on n8n. It would remove the pain of manually mapping all the fields for each of my operations over time.

So basically my question would me more generically: Is it possible to dynamically load input fields config from an API ?

@Clement_MALFROY that is sadly yet not possible. Check the topic below.

Hi @Clement_MALFROY,

We developed a custom node that you can find at

We would like to load the fields dynamically because Operations usually grow, but as @RicardoE105 said you, this is not currently possible.

Our approach was dumping all operation fields in a JSON and generate an object to display Operation parameters depending on selected Operation.

You can take our node as a reference to boost your development.

Hope this helps you.



Thanks @RicardoE105 @Miquel_Colomer it is helping a lot I will use your node as a reference !

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You are welcome!