Automating Markdown Content Import into WordPress with SEO Metadata Handling via n8n

Hi @Wil_WilOnWeb :wave:

  • Are there existing nodes or functions in n8n that can facilitate the reading and parsing of Markdown files, especially for extracting frontmatter?
  • What is the best way to handle the conversion of Markdown to HTML within n8n?

Yes! n8n has a Markdown node that helps with conversions between Markdown and HTML.

Does n8n support direct integration with the Yoast SEO plugin, or will I need to make custom API calls to WordPress? If so, any tips on how to structure these calls?

No, n8n does not have a pre-built Yoast SEO integration, but you can send arbitrary requests to the WordPress API using the HTTP Request node. HELP - Upload feature image to Post wordpress - #31 by RedPacketSec for example shows a working WordPress API request made through the HTTP Request node.

Are there any examples or templates of similar workflows that I could refer to?

Yes, check out the example approach to querying Yoast data described by @martinhache over here: