Average cost to develop a new node type

Hi there,

For some specific needs, I would like to know how much average time you would plan for supporting a new node type to connect to 3rd party tools in n8n. Let’s take, for example a typical node type like the JIRA node.

Note: I know it depends on a lot of variables, like skills, 3rd party tool complexity etc… but this is just to get a raw idea and JIRA seems a good balance. Let me also consider a reasonably experimented coder, having done his/her ramp-up on node development.

After looking a little bit into it, I’m thinking about 2-5 days per node type (production-ready, fully validated e2e). Would you think it’s smaller? larger?

Thanks !

Hi @spi,

This depends absolutely on the developer skills and the node complexity.
If you only need the node for internal purposes, estimated time seems ok for me if not so many features.

We did a custom node for internal use. Node was a bit complex and it took 5 days to accomplish development (with changes and testing included).

But this depends on the amount of features you want to include in the node.

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Thank you ! 5 days for a complex node confirms what I had in mind.

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