AWS Authorization HTTP Node

Hey N8n Fans, i would use the AWS SQS to receiveMessage and DeleteMessage. But for this i need to use the Amazon Authorization in the Header of the Http Node. How this work ? In the integrated Nodes AWS works fine. But SQS Node is not fully implemented.


HI @Stefan

I think this is what you are after, if you haven’t found it yet: Authenticating requests - Amazon Simple Queue Service

Seems like you need to sign your request before sending it.

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Hello @BramKn, yes its look like that i have to build a workflow for that. My question is: does it possible to use the credentials direct from the AWS SQS Mode ? Or that somebody has a workflow created for this.

Hi @Stefan

It seems like this isn’t possible in the http node. Probably because it isn’t simply authentication you need to do.
Easiest way would probably be to extend the existing node with the functionality needed.

Hi @BramKn, first i use the CLI Mode of AWS SQS Service. sqs — AWS CLI 1.25.24 Command Reference This works. But i think the performance would be better to have direct in N8n ?

Hi @Stefan
Can’t say anything about the performance. I guess this doesn’t make too much of a difference.
I see the CLI uses the same API but does some things like the signing for you. So if you are using this already and there is no issue with it, the best thing would probably be to keep using it untill someone expands the n8n node with the extra functionality you need.

OK, iam very happy with N8n.

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I created a PR awhile ago for an AWS SQS Trigger node that receives and deletes messages: ✨ Add AWS SQS Trigger node by matthewkayy · Pull Request #2933 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub