AWS Docker installation on EC2

My EC2 instance with N8N seams to timeout after several minutes without any entry.

If you check docker ps the container is not running and it must be started again.

After start a see teh message: Last session crashed.

How to keep it running?

Hey @Bosco,

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Self hosting n8n is considered an advanced option and part of the requirements is the existing knowledge to manage and maintain the server and docker containers.

In this case it sounds like your n8n instance is crashing but without seeing the docker logs it is hard to say why, You can configure your container to start itself up again by using one of the standard docker restart policies, Personally I use unless-stopped which works for my requirements.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks Jon. It worked. Also i used -d on docker ru
n to free the terminal and keep N8N on background

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