AWS SES ListManagementOptions

In AWS SES Node, there is not the option to specify ListManagementOptions.

This is important to send an email to a list / topic and use the unsubscribe function from AWS SES.

“ListManagementOptions”: {
“ContactListName”: “string”,
“TopicName”: “string”

Is it possible to include this in next update?

Thank you!

The endpoint the node uses is different from the one you shared. The node uses the V1 (Check the link below). Cannot you achieve the same with the parameters from V1? Perhaps to achieve the same result, multiple endpoints are needed?

SendEmail - Amazon Simple Email Service.

Hi Ricardo, thank you for your quick reply!

No, there is no ListManagementOptions in V1.

Is there a way to upgrade the AWS SES Node to V2?

Thank you!

To do that, we would need to create the v2 of the node, which would be more work than just extending the current one. Make sure you upvote the feature request.