Backing up and restoring Workflows and Credentials

I’m self hosting n8n on a Linux VM in Azure. I’m using docker to run my instance.

What is the best way to update this without losing all of my workflows and credentials. I don’t want to end up with a clean slate.

Is there a step by step guide for this or best practice to follow?


Hey @nin9creative,

Assuming you have the storage volume setup you should be ok but just incase you can use the cli tool to export the credentials CLI commands for n8n | Docs

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Yeah, I did have volumes setup for the files on the VM host. I was able to simply pull the newest image and start it back up. No problems at all!

I was just being paranoid that I’d lose things.


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Normally I don’t believe in backups but with some workflows it takes a while to get them just right, if you look at the templates there are a few for backups to places like GitHub which could help.