Backup Times mixup

I’ve got a workflow with a cron node that is set to custom with 0 0 * * * … which should be at midnight. When I checked, the backup folder got created at 6 am this morning.

Screenshot 2022-03-13 at 08.50.00

I then checked the executions, and according to the last execution of the Backup workflow, it ran at 5 am this morning.


Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

Did you set the Timezone of your n8n instance or your workflow to the Timezone you want it to execute?

Just set from Default - (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time to (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, and will check tomorrow morning. Thanks!

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@jan the backup is now created at midnight …

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 07.57.14

But the execution 'say’s it ran at 11pm …