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I have a problem with the Date&Time Node:

When I try to substract 10minutes to the actual time, the result is always 2hours too early.

For example if I try to substract 10minutes to 6:30pm the result will be 4:20pm.

The Timezone seems correct because the “date value” input correctly displays the good date/time.

Would you have a solution for that?

Thank you :v:

  • n8n version:: 0.175.1
  • **Running n8n via npm / AWS EC2 Linux instance

Hey @Anthony73370,

Have you set the TZ environment variable? I have had some issues in the past when not using it.

Could also be worth testing with a newer release of n8n.

Hi @Jon,

Thanks for your answer!

I did not set the TZ but the {{Date()}} function is interpreted like this:

So n8n seems to be to be set on the right TZ.

Thanks for your advice i’ll aks my colleague to manage the update via npm!

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