Bad Gateway after Ubuntu upgrade

Hello Team,
I am running n8n in DigitalOcean in docker. Yesterday by my stupidity, I thought it is a great idea to upgrade Ubuntu to the latest version, and I think it was 22. Now, after a successful system upgrade, I am getting a Bad Gateway error.

I renamed the SSL certificate file and changed the email and looks like it did generate a new SSL but the problem didn’t go away still showing a bad gateway error.

Does any one had a similar issue or I am the only one :slight_smile: and what might be the solution.

Thank you for your much appreciated help.

Hey @kgurinov,

How did you install n8n? Have you checked that it is running, my first thought is if you are using docker the container probably isn’t running.

Hey @kgurinov,

That looks right, Does the docker log show anything?

Hey @kgurinov,

That will do it, It looks like you have ran out of disk space so the service can’t start. Have you cleaned out old docker files and log files from the OS?

there are still 20% let of free space on drive, i have not trying to delete the logs from OS dont know yet on how to do that.

Hey @kgurinov,

It looks like something is telling docker the disk is full, You could stop the container then move the database from the volume to a different path and let it make a new one if you have a backup of the workflows.

If you don’t it is a bit more complicated and you can try editing the database itself by following the steps here: How to free up space in VPS when disk is full - #28 by Jon

let me see if i can restore the VM prior to update