Bad Request using TheHive Node

Hi team,

I’m facing some strange behavior with TheHive Node with title parameter while creating a case.
I do have a value as you can see in the screenshot but it says it has bad request and may contain sensitive information. That’s not true.
It only works when i leave it empty.

The expression to get the value.
{{$node[“IMAP Email”].json[“subject”]}}

The Error

Hey @hermanmaleiane!

I don’t have a lot of experience with TheHive node.

However, the message Date below may contain sensitive information… is just a warning. This will be displayed for all the nodes when you get an error. Hence, you don’t have to worry about that.

Coming to the actually issue, can you try out by manually passing the Title? If that gives an error, maybe there is an issue with the node.

Hi @hermanmaleiane , that’s totally strang. I am using the last version of TheHive, and it works fine for me
Please, can you mention what version you are using ?

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Hi @harshil1712 and @dali.
#n8n@0.120.0 --Version

After some tries i have managed to fix the issue.
Just changed the source where i was getting the info.
First i was getting the information directly from IMAP node but i have merge node so i just changed.
Before my upgrade to the last version i had never experienced this issue.


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Great to hear that, thanks for sharing the solution!