Badge for level 1 course

Hi everyone! I’m happy to anounce I was able to finished the level 1 course! im very exited with this new journey, but I wasn’t able to get the certificate nor the badge. I have the unique ID but says “unverified” and I see no badge. is there something I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @carlosctss, welcome to the community! I believe these forum badges are updated once a week at the moment, but @Emma-Jade can confirm this.

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Congratulations @carlosctss! I have applied your new badge and flair! :rocket:


Thanks a lot :star_struck: @MutedJam @Emma-Jade

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Good afternoon. Please tell me, did I pass Level 1 or not? Unfortunately, I have not received an answer, so I’ll ask it here.
Unique ID: recukOLVaH5m6ICr1
Thank you.

Regards, Aleksandr.

Hi everyone!
I’m happy to announce I was able to finish the level 1 course! But I have not received my badge and avatar yet. @Emma-Jade

Hey @Priya_J,

Can you share your ID?

Hi @Jon
This is the unique ID

Hey @Priya_J,

It looks like you have passed the test but have not completed all the steps, In your case the message was not sent to Discord.

Last Monday I have done the Course-1 test. The Unique ID says “Unverified” and a red-cross at “Notifying the TEAM” and both Quiz Score. Have I missed a step to get this going?
UID: recsVNvz2WXddCRF8

Hey @AXGuido,

Welcome to the community :cake:

For yours it looks like the quiz and workflow was not done using that ID. In the quiz when it asked for your email did you use the same one you used to sign up for the course?

yes (I guess/think). Do not know what other email address I would have used. Or it had a mistype…

Hi @Jon

could you help me understand which message should be sent or the step I missed?

Hey @Priya_J,

It is this part here: Notifying the team - n8n Documentation

If the message is correct it will appear in Discord

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My Node output shows success but I do not see anything on the Discord channel -

Hey @Priya_J,

It looks like your unique ID has an = in it looking at that so you are very close.

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This is sorted now thank you.

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Looks like the badge is yours :slight_smile:

:raised_hands: Thank you for your patience and help .

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I registered after completing course 1 and I don’t have a badge either, this is my Unique ID:rectcxImn1CgE6M0F