Banking: extend generic OAuth2 API to support custom headers


recently i was trying to pull some data from my bank however they have a very strict set of requirements that i need to meet.

one of them is sending custom HTTP headers during the OAuth2 API trust setup/link (consent).

please consider adding this extension.

sample ref from banks requirements:

All AIS Service calls require the following headers:
    X-Request-ID: a client generated guid to uniquely identify each call
    X-IBM-Client-Id: myapp001.ClientId

@mstelios if this will help - this feature is also needed for HTTP node / oauth2 integration for Getresponse enterprise version, as it requires custom headers.

great, ty! for the hint, i’ll look into it.

I would also like to use this, I have a supplier requiring a random string in the header of all requests, including the OAuth2 request.

Stream API Documentation (

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