Basic Auth for editing but open web hooks

Is there a way?
I am using basic Auth in the deploy yaml for k8ns as env vars (like in the docker compose examples)… But the web hooks need Auth anyway

Not sure I understand. If you use the build in basic auth it will not be used for the webhooks.

well, i restarted the machine and added the N8N_HOST env, and the webhook stopped asking for auth.
for sure without this env, it was asking, but it is a non-standard setup (running in an Akash k8n node)

Hey @gotjoshua!

Were you able to fix this? Did you try it on other servers? I want to understand if this was specific to Akash or not. We haven’t seen such an issue before. So any other details will be helpful :slight_smile:

Yeah as I said above, adding the env var seemed to fix it… Didn’t fully make sense to me, but I guess knowing where you live always helps ; )

I can also do some redeploy attempts to see if I can replicate the problem by reverting the env… But not giving it super high priority at the moment.

I want to get some web3 specific nodes working… Check signature, get balance, function node with ethers lib available, etc…