Basic Auth User and Password on n8n Desktop


I’m currently playing around with the desktop app and may have come accross an issue.

When using Oauth for google (but may happen for other services), when the redirect URI provided by n8n cloud is called it then prompts you for a Username and password which are from the EnvVariables for AUTH set when n8n is installed, but these are random strings that are not shared with the user making it impossible to set up credentials for some services.

Is this intended or should the auth user and password be shared with the user in some way so they can still use oauth?

  • Running n8n via: Desktop App

Hi @Jaime_B,

These credentials are randomly generated and are used to protect the tunnel created by the desktop app. You can find them inside the n8n-desktop.env file in the .n8n folder of your home directory as described here:

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Brill! Thanks alot :slight_smile: