Basic question, how to use oauth credentials?

n8n looks cool! I created successfully ClickUp Oauth2 credentials, but in the ClickUp node, I cannot select it from the dropdown. The same thing happens with the Slack Oauth2 credentials. With token-based authentication both works.

Should I be able to use the OAuth2 credentials in the node, for instance, to get a list of tasks from ClickUp?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @ernoaapa, welcome to the community! :smiley:

To select your OAuth2 credentials, you need to click on ‘OAuth2’ from the dropdown list for the Authentication field. You should then be able to access the credentials that you created before. Hope that helps!

Oh! Didn’t expect it to be below the credentials selection :man_facepalming:
Thank you @tanay now works!

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Glad to hear that it now works @ernoaapa! Have fun :tada:

Ah yes totally agree. The placement is really sub-optimal but for technical reasons is there currently no way to change that. Sorry.

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