Being able to select which trigger runs

Hello devs!

First of all, thank you for the new ‘Data pin’ feature. This speeds up the development a lot!
But I have one request: The data pin can be applied to webhooks, but a new run will still wait for the webhook trigger. It becomes even more complicated if more than one webhook (GET, POST, …) is used.
To support data pin among webhooks you would have to be able to manually choose on which webhook to wait. The trigger should then know that it already has data. But maybe you guys have a much better idea.

Thanks again for all the really helpful updates in the last months!!!

yeah it makes the feature pretty useless for me

Hi both!
I just tested this in a most simple case (1x webhook, start node deactivated) and the start node was the one chosen for execution - so that’s definitely a bug. One of the biggest intended usecases for pinning is to pin trigger node output data. I have ticketed this out for one of our engineers to look into, as that should already be working.

Being able to select which trigger runs (esp. when multiple are pinned) is definitely a useful improvement. @BillAlex could you change your OP to reflect that specific feature request? The webhook node not executing is a bonafide bug but ability to select which executes is a feature that would need to be prioritised (and thus voted upon).

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Hi @maxT,
thx for your support.
I think in v0.191.1 the “bug” was fixed. If you have a webhook trigger (wt) data pinned, then the next execution use the pinned data. BUT the “fix” have create an other “bug”. If you have 2 webhooks an one of then has pinned data, If you have 2 webhooks and one of them has pinned data, then only this one will be executed - even if it is disabled.

However, I am currently also moving towards splitting webhooks into multiple flows so that there is one flow per method. This also makes monitoring via the API easier.

But it would be nice if you can create one workflow per URL with GET, POST, … and you could select which trigger should be tested.

Note: I changed the title :wink:

@BillAlex my pleasure - thanks for tweaking the title. Just checked our kanban - looks like there are some more fixes in-progress and working their way through code review. So that should resolve a few other logic issues with this functionality.

To all community members, please do upvote this feature if you’d like to see it implemented - the bug fixes will sort out logical issues but won’t add ability to manually select which trigger is used.