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Hi guys,

More and more clients are interested in us putting together automations and integrations, and it’s something we’re going to really be pushing in 2023.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions on tools, methodologies and frameworks that help in the initial planning stage. For example, how to best work with a client to do process mapping. How to describe what this process is (e.g. digital transformation), the tools you use to draw diagrams (e.g. Miro).

There is a lot of information out there, and a lot of tools, so I’m keen to learn what you guys use.

Hi There,

I use a whiteboard. And when I am at a client a big tablet.
Just drawing out what the input → transformation → output has to be.
It’s not really a methodology, but simply a mix of activity diagrams and other kinds of things I know.
Just make sure to make small bite-size pieces, not try to draw everything in one flow for example.

You can never plan everything perfectly, as APIs and the data might not play well.
Experience is the only thing that will allow you to make a good approximation.

For the Digital transformation part, it all depends on the company you are dealing with.


Interesting, thanks!

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