Best way to run every second?

Hello, I would like to run this scenario:

I want to create a bidding system for my app. I need to place bidding orders (fishing industry) for one of our suppliers.

I want, for example, to run a scenario five times/second for like 10-15 seconds. I have thought of using cron to complete this task using custom selection.

So my question is: It’s possible to configure a scenario that will run automatically at x day at 22:00 for 10 seconds and run 5-6 post calls/second?


As you mentioned, you can use the cron node to run the workflow at a specific time.

Why does the workflow need to last precisely 10 seconds?

Because the requests open at 22:00:00 and need to make sure my bidding will pass, and they usually close in 3-4-5 seconds. So need to make sure my requests will pass for at least 5-10 seconds which generally is the time before it closes.

You could try something like this:

I tested the logic with:


With this i was able to achieve around 23 POST requests/second.