Better splitOutItems behavior of itemList

Hi there!
I was using n8n for parsing websites recently. One step was to combine parsed data in a nice table.

Parsed table looked like this:

And I needed to look it like this:

Before itemList node was introduced I had to write a custom function that will create a properly structured data.

Recently I tried itemList and was kinda disappointed. Please check a minimal example here:

It seems that current version in n8n (0.141.1) requires to extract each variable one by one. Unfortunately I can’t upgrade my project as it extracts around 20 variables from a table, which means I’ll need 20 instances of itemList node.

Is it possible to pass several variables into “Field To Split Out” option? If it’s not possible to name all variable comma separated, maybe it is possible to create multiple “Field To Split Out” options within a single itemList node? Another solution could be to split all variables by default.

Hey @Ed_P,

Thank you for sharing the feedback. I tried out your example, and I agree with you. The node currently doesn’t support extracting data for multiple fields. I am tagging @sirdavidoff for visibility.

Please don’t forget to upvote the request :slight_smile: