Blocking contact in whatsapp cloud api

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When whatsapp cloud api numbers become popular in the community, the risk of people wanting to test server resilience will increase. There are some people who send messages in large numbers, and most of them are spam messages.

I’ve been looking for references online, for blocking whatsapp cloud api but can’t find it.
i found reference only for whasapp on premiss link. with the procedure

POST /v1/contacts/+16315551000/block

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for whatsapp cloud api. Receive whatsApp messages in bulk in large numbers really disrupts the work of the server. Is there any suggestion to be able to block whatsapp numbers? or tricks or tips on n8n to detect spam behavior receiving whatsApp messages?

Thank you

Hi @Rukhan, I am sorry you’re having trouble though I am not quite sure I fully comprehend the problem.

Are you the party sending messages through the WhatsApp API? If so, you could maintain your own blocklist and match numbers before actually sending the message.

If you are reacting to incoming messages using webhooks, you could consider using n8n’s queue mode to better handle larger amounts of incoming requests. You could also consider matching numbers against your internal blocklist in the first step of your workflow before doing any more expensive processing.

Thanks You for the answer @MutedJam.

I used to incoming message using webhook method, but I think the solution using queue mode is quite complex to follow. have to change the installation mode n8n that looks complicated.

while I choose to use the conditional → if node when “the filtered whatsApp number” will enter → node wait 1 hours, option execute once, and → node no operation.

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