Bot Telegram in n8n

hello everyone, please help with telegram and telegram triger nodes. How to implement inline commands and commands in the form of buttons in n8n to create the telegram bot itself inside n8n. Maybe someone has examples

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Hey @FIRE_TIKTOK, check out this blog post from @tanay explaining how to build a bot capable of handling commands:

thanks, I saw this, but I’m interested in inline commands and buttons, and not commands through botfather, everything is ok with him


Looking at that link it covers commands in chats with Bots like the video below, Is that not what you are after?

and yes and no, my project needs an inline keyboard… as far as I studied the telegram node in n8n, it can be implemented inside n8n

Hi @FIRE_TIKTOK , you can take a look at this:

This example also uses inline keyboard, as desired by you.


looks amazing, I see you did it, tell me how can I create an inline keyboard to get a message with the text of this button?

Is there a place to give feedback about the blog?

I found an error in this tutorial

Where we have
First of all, issue the /newbotcommand .

Must be
First of all, issue the /newbot command.

Thanks for reporting it, @kimtiago – got fixed.