Box node needs update comm and

Hi n8n team,

The Box node has an upload function, but the API has an update command as well.

The update function overwrites the file with a new version. Upload will not overwrite an existing file with the name same (which is the cause of a lot of pain IMHO, but that’s the box API).

If I delete a file then reupload it (which is it’s own brand of frustration) I lose the version history because it becomes a new file with a seperate history as far as box is concerned. That’s why the update API function is important.

If you want to be really cool, there would be an upsert hybrid that self-decided to update a file or upload a new one.


Hi @wsargent,

I have popped this over to the feature request topic, in theory it shouldn’t be that complicated to maybe provide a toggle or second action so you can pick from update or create.

If you are feeling up for it you could add in the change if not I am sure someone will get around to it at some point.