Box zip file download


I am trying to download a zip from Box, it downloads but will not let me uncompress, same file works ok using Dropbox, any ideas?

I am using the Mac desktop app.


Hey @Mark_Smith,

Do you get any errors

No errors, but if I drop the file on BBedit there is nothing inside the archive.

What size is the file that downloads?

it is 4,018 bytes

The working zip is 2,599

Tried another file,

Original 15,428 bytes

n8n file 27,658 bytes (not uncompressing)

Do you have a public link for the zip file?

It is just a zip with 3 text files inside.

Alright, Found my old Box account and gave it a bash. I seem to get an error in my compression node when trying to extract.

ERROR: unknown compression type 61373

I have checked the sums of the uploaded file and the downloaded file and it looks like the file is being is changed which is resulting in the downloaded file no longer being a valid zip archive.

I will need to investigate a bit further to see if it is something we are doing as part of the download process or something Box is doing.

In the wise words of Arnie… I’ll be back!

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That is awesome thanks.

Hey @Mark_Smith,

Just popped in a pull request to fix this issue :+1:


Fix got released with [email protected]

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