Bubble.io integration [GOT CREATED]


Is there any integration or planned development on an integration with Bubble.io ?

Regards and thanks for the work on n8n, really helpful !

Hey @mumudu22 can you please let us know your use case? So that when the node is created we make sure it has the Functionality you need.

I wanted to interact with the Bubble.io 's database and upload a picture downloaded from an URL (already in the database). But I figured something else.

Nevertheless I think a node with Bubble could be a thing in the future as this company is growing like hell

ahhh got it, probably you can do right now just with the HTTP node. Did you give it a try?

No as I managed to do it another way but I think it would work fine.

I am now trying to move all values from an Airtable table to the Bubble database (the free feature doesn’t allow a CSV import).
Will see how to manage that

@mumudu22, we created a Bubble.io. However, we have not been able to test it cuz we do not have a pain plan. By any chance, do you have an account that we can use for testing for a couple of hours? Thanks.

Hello ricardo, you mean a paid plan is that right ?
I will activate one soon and will be able to give you access to it. Let’s synchronize: when do you think you would need it ?

Exactly, the free plan offers no API access, so the integration is currently blocked:

The sooner the better, cuz we want to release the integration.

Got released with [email protected]

Still need the access ? I am on a personnal (paid) plan right now

We reached out to bubble to get access, sadly were there not every helpful or open to help us to get access to test the integration. Luckily did one of our team members have an account for an external project we could test with. So currently not needed anymore but thanks for your offer.

Ok nice !
Will definitely try the Bubble node

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I found a bug, I think: when you use the Get All + Return All, it will never stop loading.
If it’s needed a test account I have a premium account to use just for testing.

BTW bobble logs don’t track OJ API calls so I can’t even see if there is an error on bubble side.

Welcome to the community @Skywrath-Mage

If you send me the credentials in private I can have a look at it.

I think messages are disabled to your profile, just mail me.