[BUG] Execution screen > editor screen reload loop


Fairly often, if I’m on the Execution screen of a workflow, and then click the “Editor” tab to switch back to editor view, it gets in in an infinite loop, loading the executions url again and again.

Screencast /video demo link:
Keep an eye on the address bar.

Only when I manually edit the URL in the address bar to /workflows/n will it stop.

It doesn’t happen every time, but enough to make me post it here as a bug! Maybe 25% of the time.

This execution has a webhook trigger, and it’s not getting triggered at the time this happens. It’s also happened on other workflows so not solely related to workflow imho.

I have auto-refresh turned on, and logging all (inc. successful) executions ~ as it’s intermittent it’s hard to test if these fix it or not!


  • Running on n8n cloud.
  • Ubuntu 22.04.1
  • Chrome Version 114.0.5735.133 (Official Build) (64-bit) (latest)

I forgot to view the console when it last happened, but if I remember next time, I’ll see if it’s showing anything of use.

Hey @rjbathgate,

I have not seen that one for a while, Does it also happen if you use private browsing mode with no extensions enabled? Which version of n8n is your cloud instance currently set to use as well?