(BUG): Executions not working fine, when I try to see one execution it displays another one

I think there is a mixup. The fix @milorad is referring to got released with version 0.208.1.

Here is the PR


I have the same issue with the loading of execution when I scroll down there is no other execution. it’s limited and then I have to go to execution tab to load older one

@milorad I am confused, I was under the impression that the new executions tab simply just always displays the last 20 executions and that is it. So sounds to me like expected behavior. You are saying it is supposed to automatically load more?!?!

@Kent1 The only thing the above PR fixes is that it does display now the correct information in the top left side of the workflow execution. That part:
Screenshot from 2022-12-20 18-08-06
The rest of the execution was always displayed correctly as far as I understand.

And what’s the benefit of having the new executions tab that only displays the last 20 entries if I have to keep using the main one every time I need to get an execution?

However, as said, if I keep the page open for enough time, the scroll becomes bigger… so not sure what is the exact right behavior of the new exeuctions list…

But it’s not enough, the experience with the executions isn’t good enough. If you have to search for execution 2 hours old or more, it’s just a pain to reach it. You have to waste 10 minutes pressing the “Load more” button, and once you arrive at the execution, you press the folder icon to see it, and it loads the last execution :man_facepalming:

Also when you scroll down for a while in the main executions I can’t open multiple executions with right click, I have to scroll down again :skull_and_crossbones:

I am not saying that is nothing that should ever work, I am just saying that I was under the impression that is how it should work right now (also because I never saw it work differently since we introduced it). So if it should have worked differently, then somebody in the team should for sure have caught it before we released that feature.

Generally, we are a small team, and it is important that we focus and try to provide the most value. For that reason, we think about every feature deeply and about what is important and what we should invest time in. So often, things get descoped to provide the most amount of value, with the minimum amount of time/resources invested (80/20). So having endless scroll, and allowing access to all executions there, I would have imagined, could have been one of those things that got descoped in the first iteration of that feature.

To answer your question, which in my ears did not sound you asked in a very nice manner: “And what’s the benefit of having the new executions tab that only displays the last 20 entries”
Most users are mainly interested in the last few executions rather than in ones that happened a long time ago. Giving access to those in an easy fashion is so the most important thing as that is what 80% of the people want to get access fast (again 80/20).

Also agree with your point 100% that the experience of the current execution list is not great in any way, especially if there are a lot of executions (also there, I think, could for sure be communicated nicer). It is actually one of the few things which did not receive a major overhaul yet since the first version of n8n. For that reason, is that also something we are currently working on improving (you can see already a preview here). That also includes a date filter as far as I know which should get rid of the 10-minute scroll marathon.
On top, do we also start to work soon on a feature that allows adding kind of dynamic tags to executions. So you could, for example, add something like “userId=1234”. You can then, in the execution list, specifically filter for all executions for that specific user and so find the correct execution much faster.

and once you arrive at the execution, you press the folder icon to see it, and it loads the last execution :man_facepalming:

As mentioned above, it should actually display the correct execution, just the information in the top left corner is wrong, the execution and so the information on the nodes is correct. And that bug (that the information in the top-left corner is wrong) should have been fixed in version 0.208.1.

I totally agree that important things are first and everyone should focus on that, but I think the executions list is a healthy critical feature that everyone uses, I’m not only talking about how good or bad it works, but something simple as a date filter has been missing for a while, and it’s something that some people have already requested, me included: Search or filter executions by Execution ID [got created] - #2 by yukyo

I don’t know how other users are using n8n, but having just few webhooks triggering you have to scroll down a bit to find 30 minutes ago executions, that’s one of the issues I see with the left panel limited to 20 entries.

Sorry if that didn’t sound in your ears in a nice manner, but there is no other intention behind the sentence that just to ask a question. About what’s the point of the left panel I meant if it’s not working properly as your previous message could suggest I was asking then what is the real point for that panel. Not sure why you understood that as a bad manner or as I’m attacking someone…

I have seen the preview, I can’t wait more to use it. I’m the same user that opened the thread actually, because I really like the tool and I try to report all the issues that I find to make it better for everyone.

However, thanks for taking your time to answer and clarifying the reported issues. I appreciate it.

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Thanks, sounds great, and like we are on the same page across the board!

And you are also right, the execution list is one of the most critical features. We should have for sure focused on that much earlier! If I could go back 12 months, I would for sure make sure to get at least the date-filter in (as it is very important and not that complicated). Anyway, as that is sadly not possible I am at least happy that we are working on it now and will hopefully get it out reasonably soon. :crossed_fingers:

Really great to hear that you like n8n! It is also very appreciated that you always take the time to report all things you find that could be improved or do not work. I know that probably takes up quite some time. I, however, also hope that it is worth it and that you see that those things get actually fixed/improved when you report them. If we do, you can be assured it is not because we think those things are not valid, it is only because we simply have a lot to do and have to prioritize very strictly to build not just a great product also a sustainable business.

Sorry, then I misunderstood the intention! It is sometimes hard correctly “sense” in written communication. But that is something that I am particularly sensitive to. I know how hard we all work at n8n and how hard and time-consuming it is to build the product and offer great support. So if I get the feeling that people do not come from the correct place, I tend to call it out.

Wish you a nice evening, and thanks a lot for being part of the community!


@yukyo I did just hear from @milorad. He informed me that the list was initially really loading more executions. Seems, however, like it then broke a short time afterward, and nobody seems to have realized (assume, also most other people did not know that it was supposed to work). Anyway, we will obviously gonna have a look and fix it.


Hi guys,

I just wanted to congrat you for your awesome tool.

Indeed we contact you only for issues but sometime we forget that the tool do what we expect and it’s really rare to have a team that take our issue as quicky as you.

So thanks again for your job and keep going as you do.

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Thanks a lot @Kent1, that is very appreciated!

Btw. @milorad already fixed the issue with this PR, which should probably be merged and released in the next few days.

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Thanks I look forward to be able to test all you did.

Thanks again for all you already did and all you will do.

Have a good end of year.

n8n is very awesome I want to do anything with it now :sweat_smile:

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Thank you very much!

Doing everything is probably hard, especially when we leave the digital world, but who knows, would love to stay up to date on those efforts :wink:

Got released with [email protected]


I will try this as soon as I can and let you know if the problem when I enter an execution ID in the url is fix.

Thanks for your works

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I’ve updated to v 0.209.1 but unfortunatly I still have the problem when I take an old execution and paste it in the url, I have a untempestive refresh of my page and it’s the last execution that it’s loaded.

Hey @Kent1
I see the issue, the latest fix should get in order opening executions from UI (‘global’ executions list and executions sidebar) and infinite scrolling problem which popped up lately and in a great measure made executions list not so useful.
I am afraid that I have completely missed the going straight to old execution URL case (now looking at it, n8n will load the latest execution if it cannot find the specified one which is in this case happening for all executions which are not on the first page of loaded execution list so will have to handle this better), sorry about that. Will take a look an follow up with the progress on that in the following days.
It would be good if some of you who reported other issues with loading executions could follow up here and let us know if the problems are resolved.

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Got released with [email protected]


I will try it when I come back from holidays the 2nd of january and will let you know if the issue is fixed


Hi, @jan. Thanks for the good news. Dumb question, can I update to 0.209.3 if not been released yet?

This is what I see right now:

I would like to try 0.209.3, but I am not sure if using the command: docker pull n8nio/n8n will download the 0.209.3 or just the last one released, which is 0.209.0

Or I have to use: docker pull n8nio/n8n:0.209.3 ?

PS: The hyperlink “How to update your n8n version” in the above screenshot redirects to: https://docs.n8n.io/hosting/updating/, which is a 404 broken link.

Merry Christmas to everyone! :christmas_tree:

That version is already released. Actually, just 0.209.4 got released. So you can for sure upgrade to it. The latest Docker tag will also currently always link to that latest version.

The version preview in n8n is sometimes a little bit behind as it has to get updated manually and gets updated once the official release notes in the docs got created.

I would generally recommend using a specific version tag like n8nio/n8n:0.209.4
Like that you can also see very clearly which version you are running (also within Docker/terminal), and you can be very deliberate about the version to use. Also can you roll back again in a second if something goes wrong.

Thanks a lot for making me aware of the page returning 404. Did report it to the correct team internally.

Merry Christmas!