(BUG): Executions not working fine, when I try to see one execution it displays another one


I will try it when I come back from holidays the 2nd of january and will let you know if the issue is fixed


Hi, @jan. Thanks for the good news. Dumb question, can I update to 0.209.3 if not been released yet?

This is what I see right now:

I would like to try 0.209.3, but I am not sure if using the command: docker pull n8nio/n8n will download the 0.209.3 or just the last one released, which is 0.209.0

Or I have to use: docker pull n8nio/n8n:0.209.3 ?

PS: The hyperlink “How to update your n8n version” in the above screenshot redirects to: https://docs.n8n.io/hosting/updating/, which is a 404 broken link.

Merry Christmas to everyone! :christmas_tree:

That version is already released. Actually, just 0.209.4 got released. So you can for sure upgrade to it. The latest Docker tag will also currently always link to that latest version.

The version preview in n8n is sometimes a little bit behind as it has to get updated manually and gets updated once the official release notes in the docs got created.

I would generally recommend using a specific version tag like n8nio/n8n:0.209.4
Like that you can also see very clearly which version you are running (also within Docker/terminal), and you can be very deliberate about the version to use. Also can you roll back again in a second if something goes wrong.

Thanks a lot for making me aware of the page returning 404. Did report it to the correct team internally.

Merry Christmas!

I can confirm now the left bar works properly and loads all the items. Also, opening an execution by its button or copying/pasting the id works too.

Thanks again for this good work!



I can also confirm that all is fixed with this new released.

Thanks you as usual good job.

Happy new year to all n8n team and users.


That’s very good to hear, thanks for your suggestions, reports and patience and have a happy new year.


I have the same problem: 0.209.4 It does not run a very simple manual trigger.

I can map the volumes and see the sql lite database changing and saving the workflows. User and password is also stored. I just can’t run anything.

Hi @igcorreia, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

This sounds like a very different problem than the one discussed here in the thread. Perhaps you can open a new topic with detailed steps on how to reproduce your specific problem? Not seeing the execution progress when executing a workflow often suggests a problem with your reverse proxy setup, so this would be the first part to take a closer look at.

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Hi guys,

I updated to 0.216.0 and the problem comes back. When I try to see old execution by passing the id in URL the page refresh and I can’t see my execution.

Do you have same issue ?

Hey @Kent1, I do not actually, though my self-hosted instance is on 0.216.1. Opening something like https://my.n8n.url/workflow/31/executions/30011 in my browser is working fine. It takes a bit for n8n to load all executions up to the one specified but the navigation does eventually work.

Perhaps @milorad knows if anything has changed here?

Just to inform you we have something like 5 000 000 executions in our database. If it’s needed I can take a video to show you

I reckon in this case the loading of older executions can take a while or might even hit a timeout. Unfortunately I am not a developer and not familiar with the exact logic used by n8n here, so let’s see what Milorad says :slight_smile:

Hey @Kent1 sorry for not getting back on this topic.
Right now I cannot pinpoint exactly if this is the new problem or an old one since I haven’t worked on that part of n8n recently. So any help from your side is welcome :slight_smile:
It would be great if you can record a video of it happening and, if possible, it would be helpful to keep your dev tools console open while doing it.
Thanks in advance. I will be out of office next week but will take a look as soon as I get back.


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Hi @milorad

Sorry I was a bit busy and I didn’t take the time to record a video.

I will send you in private if it doesn’t bother you, because we have some sensitive infos.


Sure thing, let’s see if we can get something out of this.

Update: After a bit of private back-and-forward with @Kent1 I can confirm that there is an issue when loading execution preview when there is >1000 executions. Will work on the fix in the following days so we can hopefully have it in the next release.


One again, I would like to thank you @milorad and thank all the n8n team for your great work.

I really appreciate n8n and your reactivity when there is some issues.



Did you sort out the problem when passing “old” execution in URL ?

Hey @Kent1 sorry for not getting back,
this one was a bit on a back-burner but we finally had some time to address it. The solution should be available in the next release (probably will see @jan’s message here), so please try it and let me know how it went.
Current solution will show execution card on top if execution is too far in the list to be loaded initially:

We will probably improve on this pattern in the future but for now this should enable loading all executions properly.

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Sorry, we had some problems with our release comment workflow. The fix for that issue got released a while ago with 0.222.0. Please check with the latest n8n version.