Bug in Airtable node

I’ve come across an issue with the Airtable node, in the cases where my airtable tables contain a field called ‘id’.

If, while creating or updating a record in Airtable, the input data (fields) contain a property ‘id’, its data is not being reflected in Airtable.

After going through the code for the Airtable node, i found this:

The command at line 502 seems to assume that there should never be a field called ‘id’, whereas that isn’t the case.
(I’m aware that airtable records contain a fixed property called ‘id’, but that shouldn’t constrain an ‘id’ property within fields, if that’s the case here.)

A lot of my bases have tables (often many at a time) with fields called ‘id’.

Kindly advise on this.

Ah yes, that makes sense. Changing that would sadly be a breaking change. Could you rename “id” to “Id” or “ID” for now?

We could change that once we have node versioning in place and we update the Airtable node.

I was planning to implement that, for now. But, my current workflow involves importing data from external sources and then syncing that data as it is. The incoming data contains nested properties defined as ‘id’. Mapping all of them would require me to add quite some temporary, additional logic, which i’m trying to avoid.

If the Airtable node update happens within the next few days, then i would just wait for it, else i shall add the temporary logic for now.

Uh no sorry. No do actually not expect that to happen for at least another 1-2 months.

Alright, will utilise a workaround for now.