Bug in reffer to nodes

Unfortunately when I want to refer from one item in one node to another by adding Expression, I see that the platform can not find that parameter.

Could you please advise me?
Please see attached image.

Update: Now I realize that I use “set” node after “if” node.
Should it effect on that?!
When I use “set” node before “if” node everything work correctly!!!

Did you write the expression yourself or did you select it with the variable selector?

As you see in the left side of attached image I have selected by variable selector.

As I told this bug is when I set variable after “if” node.

Ah yes, I can see that you have the variable selector open on the left but that does sadly not tell me anything about how you created the expression and what node you have selected on the left and if it is the same in the expression.

To be able to help you, can you please post a workflow where I can see that problem so that I can reproduce it. Thanks!