BUG: n8n course level 2 finished email comes to early!

Hi there!

Yesterday I’ve finished part #2 of the level 2 course and sent my first messages to the proper discord channel. Soon thereafter I’ve received multiple mails (one for each message I posted to the discord webhook) telling me that I’ve finished the course and the quiz!

Hey ,
Congratulations, you completed the course and passed the quiz.
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Have fun,
The n8n team

But I didn’t deserve the badge at that moment, as I was still in the midst of the course. So I didn’t get the badge, just the emails came to early. It looks like the email gets sent as soon as someone posts a correct message to discord for course 2. But I guess it would be better to send the email after finishing part 3 and with that sending the last message to discord.


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Hey @svzi,

I will add this to my list of changes :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for reporting this. Got fixed.